GR8 AL Music pres. StoneTribe Blood Brother is the thought-provoking single by reggae fusion band, StoneTribe . The single follows the release of their debut EP Tank Man, which was named after an unknown hero that peacefully stood up in front of tanks sent by the Chinese Government to violently halt a pro-democracy rally in Tianamen Square back in 1989. constant fixture of late in the World s Top 10 Artists Chart at Beat- port and Traxsource. Luca is more certainly one of the most sought after house producers in the world today which is evident by the amount of record labels trying to sign his original material. The legendary Soulshaker are up next, hot off the back of their recent #1 Chart Position in the US Billboard charts and dozens of other top 10 chart positions globally, Soulshaker have once again delivered one of their trademark offerings of classic house music perfect for those feel good dancefloors. Finally we have a remix by the highly mysterious So Cool Network, who have hit top 10 in the club charts with their various remixes around 30 times now and continue to deliver on point every time. “StoneTribe is the Earth tribe. All of us. One Tribe. This is our message.” YouTube Videos (Original) (Soulshaker) (Luca Debonaire) (So Cool Network) Spotify Album: spotify:album:5kSiVrTVLuw5GZZpa6CqpJ Track 1: spotify:track:1lTq1JU3Yjy156QQ3JcyO4 Track 2: spotify:track:5g0rTlMiPTi7tD6frvhd3a Artist: spotify:artist:2d2kp4IWeMWZ9AzFk8ZL4R Itunes