Cime Heqo

Cime Heqo - Entanglements Musician, Producer and DJ from Bern, Switzerland Cime Heqo is a Musician, Producer DJ and Connassieur from Bern/ Switzerland. In 2018 he signed a record deal with Galaxy Records / Vienna, Austria. His emotional melodic productions of progressive house music, are strongly influenced from the great nature and universe. Cime Heqo is a resident DJ in Bern, Switzerland and he has also a strong connection to Vienna, Austria. In 2018 he released his first single which is called “Rise up”. His resident Mix-Show is available on soundcloud. Music will always be Cime Heqo s first love. Titel: Entanglements LP Entanglements is the first LP from Cime Heqo. It consists of the following six Tracks: 1. Entanglements, 2. My Turn, 3. Seon, 4. Fly Me to the Moon, 5. Date Love, 6. Dreamcatcher. Entanglements is a emotional compelation of melodic progressive house music. Entanglements LP will bring you into a deep dream and helps you get awesome images of the universe. Release Date: 16.06.2020 Label: Galaxy Records, Infos @ Sozial Media: Booking: